Behind The Scene Episode 28 – Fox Rodemich, Miles Eichner (Shady Elders)

“when I was playing this like really pretty, folky music I was like ‘gosh, this sucks…I’m not even having a good time’.  You know like, I wouldn’t go out and buy my music…So I put it to bed”

Shady Elders has been one of those bands for me here in Denver.  I was a fan the first moment I clicked play. Shady songs themselves embody everything I love in music.  Dark, looming and weighted emotional pull married with delicate melody and thoughtful prose.  It’s dream-pop/post-punk/sometimes gothy/sometimes poppy awesomeness.  Their live sets are heavy, loud and engaging.  I have followed this band for almost 5 years now and my fanship only grows with each release.

So naturally, I was thrilled to finally get them on the show to tell their Shady story.  Listen below as I talk with both Fox and Miles about their individual musical pasts, the start of Shady Elders, making music that you yourself are a fan of, the struggles of personal relationships affecting the band’s dynamic, going out of state to record and so so so much more!

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