Behind The Scene Episode 27 – Kendall Smith (The UMS)

“It could have gone two directions at that point.  It could have become a straight up marketing event for the Denver Post, or it could become a community event, and we have a community foundation….and they chose to move it into the community foundation and let me grow it slowly…and keep it as a non-profit”


Mr. UMS.  That’s his name to me.

There is a team of people who make UMS (the Underground Music Showcase) happen each year.  It’s a large team full of very talented and dedicated people with extraordinary skills ranging from Talent Buying, Marketing, and event operation and logistics.  But at the helm of that team is a guy with a passion for what he is doing that is nothing short of infectious.  Standing a head above most (literally), is Kendall Smith, or as I like to call him, Mr. UMS.

Every conversation I have had both within the context of this interview and outside it, his passion for Denver’s premiere local music showcase is evident in every sentence.  It won’t take but a minute or two in conversation with him before Kendall is genuinely seeking your thoughts on the scene and of course the UMS.

This genuine drive to constantly innovate and improve is evident in this wonderful talk where we learn about Kendall’s past, how he got into the UMS, the importance of keeping the UMS a community event, the obstacles he faces and the battle to simply…keep it awesome.  Being the man behind what has become the biggest independent music festival in the region is not an easy chore.  But Kendall handles it with absolute grace.  Listen above and get to know the festival that we all hold so dear by getting to know the man behind it.

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