Behind The Scene Episode 26 – Jason Hoke (Epilogues, The UMS)

“We had the final contract in our hands…we were ready to sign it and then it was done…just gone. “

There were a few things that made an impression on me when first moving to Denver and checking out the scene.  One of them was the Underground Music Showcase (naturally), and another of them was the band The Epilogues (one of the first live sets I saw after moving here).  I loved the live energy of the Epilogues.  Seeing their set comforted my fears about the Denver scene. I knew at that time that if this was a sample of Denver’s output…I was in for a treat.

Jason Hoke is my guest for this week and he is forever connected to my initial impressions of Denver.  He is the drummer for the Epilogues and is now one of the primary talent buyers for The UMS.

We had a wonderful discussion about his personal history in music and the excellent origins of The Epilogues.  We talked about growing up with supportive parents, learning how to put on your own shows, navigating through the murky waters of label shopping, booking strategies for The UMS and so much more!

The song for this episode is an exclusive preview!  It is called ‘Best Friends’ and will be available on The Epilogues upcoming album.

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