Behind The Scene Episode 15 – Native Daughters (Heavy Instrumental)

When our parents left to drop us off to play our show, guess who was giving us pitchers of beer? Everyone else in the other bands.  They were like “Hey you 15-year olds…come drink this”.  

The Denver music scene is rich in musical diversity.  There is no longer one or two genres that dominate the landscape.  You can find creative depth in every corner of the scene from hip-hop, folk and pop to psych, experimental and metal.  There is no shortage of talent in this town and the flourishing Instrumental rock scene is one more perfect example of that.

And at the top of that scene, you will find a group of 5 guys called Native Daughters.

Channeling emotion from the depths of the musical spectrum, Native Daughters excel at the nuance of power.  With low tunings, the absence of lyrics and a unique addition of a second drummer; their music hits hard with a confidence and ease that shows why it is this corner of the music scene has welcomed them with open arms.

Listen above as we talk with Justin and Eddie about the band’s beginnings, working with Sailor Records, draining cysts in your nether regions and learning to approach music with a “what will be, will be” attitude.

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This episode was graciously sponsored by Renegade Brewing Company!  Visit their taproom on 9th and Santa Fe or pick up their wonderful assortment of beer at any local liquor store.

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