Behind The Scene Episode 13 – Alf (Radio DJ – 93.3fm)

“They eventually said ‘would you like to do the overnights, 5 nights a week, for $600 a month?’.  I was no fool…I said yes!”

Alf is a DJ with 93.3fm, KTCL.  He’s been with the station almost 20 years now and in that time has established an unbreakable bond with Denver’s music scene and independent music in general.  As the host of the Locals Only and Adventure University shows, Alf has immersed himself in independent music to a level that most DJ’s never get to.

He also is the father of Hometown for the Holidays, a year end showcase of local music that is becoming as much of a Denver tradition as UMS or WMS.  Alf also hosts his popular 45+1 DJ sets which creates an unlikely pair between a local musician and a classic, mostly unknown, instrumental 45.  In all cases, his goal is the same.  He seeks to shine the spotlight on the incredible talent that exists here and entice the general public to do the same.

Listen above as we discuss his history in radio, horrible bosses, 45+1, Hometown for the Holidays and his annual charity run to raise money for the Art from Ashes organization.

This episode was graciously sponsored by Renegade Brewing Company!  Visit their taproom on 9th and Santa Fe or pick up their wonderful assortment of beer at any local liquor store.

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