Mountain Standard Episode 59 – Part 2

Christian Fitness/Upset Army/Love Letters in the Age of Steam

Christian Fitness/Standard Issue Grief

Christian Fitness/Love Letters in the Age of Steam/Love Letters in the Age of Steam

Andy Falkous has been an intriguing rock figure for me for quite some time, from his work with his main act, “Future of the Left” to this second offering under the flag of “Christian Fitness”. For clarification, no, this is not a workout tape for your average church goer. “Falco,” as we’ll refer to him for the duration of this scribe, is able to lyrically conflate socio-political tapestries with absurdist themes. It is Satire with some furious urgent teeth.The energy on “Love Letters in the Age of Steam” pokes you in the chest like that prick in the 3rd grade. It lifts your head out of the toilet at the beautiful 6th track, “Standard Issue Grief” before it plunges your head back in with the title track. Jangly guitars, cutting electronic loops, big drums. Make no mistake though, although some of the rock ideology on this album is warm and familiar, its contrasts to big dumb rock is truly where it proves it mettle. While many may write that rock is a dead art, Falco will be there to thumb his nose at the notion.

  • Dan