Behind The Scene Episode 3 – Timmi Lasley (Comedian)



Behind The Scene Episode 4

Guest: Timmi Lasley, a wonderful Denver based comedian.  We talk about how she herself got into comedy and what the local comedy scene is like in Denver, including her own process of writing and what it looks like to get started doing standup.

A band Timmi likes?  She clued     me into a wonderful punk band from Denver called the Black Dots.  She talks about how she came across them and we have a listen to their song ‘Not So Quiet’ off of their latest album ‘Again & Again’.

See Timmi this Thursday 5/21 at the Alamo for Mile Hi Sci Fi where she and a few others will be live riffing on Dirty Dancing.

Timmi will also be at the Mutiny Cafe for her monthly show Epilogue (last Saturday of every month) on 5/30.